Superior Plastech provides a comprehensive service to the mining industry in regards to both flotation and replacement of traditionally metal parts for processing plants and equipment. Plastech offers design, manufacture, construction and installation of mining pump pontoons, industrial pump pontoons, floating pump stations, general purpose floating pontoons and all other marine based mining equipment.

With our expertise and a mobile fleet of trucks, cranes and barges, Superior Plastech can provide the following:

  • Unsinkable, corrosion proof modules to support pumps, walkways and platforms in dams, watercourses and tailings dam recovery or highwall dewatering.
  • Rotomoulded custom tanks, floats, drip trays, covers, railings, safety access stairs or other item as specified.
  • CNC machining of plastics, aluminium or timber components.
  • Mould design and manufacture
  • Aluminium and steel fabrication
  • Concrete slabs
  • Pump Pontoons
  • CAD design and FEA analysis

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